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Jumping In

Often, when I’m going about my day, I think of something and make a mental note to myself that I’d like to write about it. Then, I remember that, even though I spent some time getting this blog setup and designed, I still haven’t really written an “introduction” post, or tried to get it off the ground.

So, this is me biting the bullet and launching. I’ve got things I want to say, ideas I want to hash out, projects and trips and life that I want to share. I know that my life, and my perspective, is not anything particularly unique, or really all that different from the lives of thousands of others out there, but I’ve been longing to have a space where I feel like I can share some of the things that make up my world – which, right now, pretty much revolves around my 13-month old son, Edward, my husband Dan, our Jack Russell Terrier, Diesel, and my full-time job as a corporate librarian. We live in a Massachusetts suburb, closer to Providence than to Boston. We both work, and commute, and deal with all that comes with that. We are trying to buy a house. We have debt. Family and friends are very important to us, and we try to make spending time with them a priority. So many blogs and other outlets for self-expression via social media seem to focus only on the positive and glossy, and ignore the very real problems and challenges that lurk just under the surface – that’s something that I really want to try to avoid. Our life is not perfect, but it is ours, and I’d like to share some it.

So, welcome!

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