Why baking actually helps you lose weight

Ok, maybe that statement is a bit of a streach. But hear me out!

I got home from work last night, and I was stressed out and upset about a lot of different things. I didn’t want a repeat of Tuesday’s deal-with-stress activities (sit on couch, watch bad TV, eat bread and cheese), and I knew Dan wasn’t due home for at least an hour and a half, so cooking dinner wouldn’t really keep me busy. Also, I was really craving cookies.

So, I decided to bake. I poked around a bit in my pantry and remembered that today is St. Patrick’s Day – so making something green-tinged would be totally appropriate. I had a few bags of limited edition¬† dark chocolate and mint chips left from Christmas (seriously, these things are awesome, and only available around Christmas time – ¬†I always try and make sure to buy a few extra bags). So, I quickly whipped up a batch of chocolate cookies with mint chips. Yuummm. My recipe made about 4 dozen cookies, but honestly, it wasn’t a problem. I probably had 2 actual cookies, and maybe a half a cookie in dough, but the act of physically making the cookies was enough to satisfy me, and didn’t cause me to act like a crazy person and eat them all. I packaged them up and sent most of them off to work with Dan this morning, so I won’t be able to binge out on them tonight, either.

So, did this help me lose weight? Yes and no. I mean, it didn’t help me to lose anything, really, but it certainly did help to prevent me from gaining weight. Somehow, for me anyway, the act of making something makes me much less likely to over-do it when it comes to eating. It’s not like they are a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints, which I can easily devour in one sitting. I’m not entirely sure of the psychology behind this, but its one of the reasons that I don’t really allow us to have store-bought baked goods in the house – if we want a cookie/brownie/cupcake, then I’m going to have to go to the trouble to make it. And something about that makes me not want to stuff myself. Interesting, huh?

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